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In addition to let only services, Choice Housing can also offer a professional, complete management package. This is suitable for those landlords who wish to leave all the day to day management of their property to the professionals, but still retain overall control on important expenditure decisions.

  • Compilation of inventory and opening inspection
  • Check-in for tenant, explanation of how to use major appliances and assist with inventory
  • Rent collection throughout the tenancy
  • Regular inspections and monthly statements
  • Final inspection & dilapidation report
  • Arrangement of repairs where necessary
  • First point of contact for tenants
  • Automatic re-listing of your property or re-negotiation of rent when appropriate

Unique management: we've made letting childs play!
Full management plus our unique maintenance programme is a totally new way of managing your property. A hands-off approach, so you can get on with your life without worrying about your investment.

For complete peace of mind we offer our unique maintenance scheme, this is in addition to property management.

Our maintenance contract offers complete peace of mind for our landlords. For a fixed monthly fee your property is maintained by our operatives to our exacting standards.

This ensures that you are not faced with unexpected repair bills. Your tenants are given our number to ring if they have any problems.

One of the biggest headaches for any landlord is dealing with requests for repairs from tenants. An emergency can occur at any time and has to be dealt with quickly, and the cost is unknown. Our maintenance contract takes care of it for you, for a fixed monthly cost.

We will cover:

  • Gas & Electrical Safety Certificates
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Redecoration where required
  • Minor defects such as leaking roofs, repairing gutters, window sashes
  • Doors and general wear and tear off the property

And also any other running repairs to bring the house back to our standards. All the tenants phone our offices, not you and we deal with their request quickly and efficiently.

You won't receive any extra bills and full details of the cover are detailed in the maintenance contract. Most works are covered, excluding structural repairs and repairs covered by your insurance policy.

We can offer this service to any landlord, subject to a preliminary inspection of your property. The monthly fee is based on the rental income.

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